shivering souls & slender smiles

by aboynamedsuicide


>touching into photography a bit more this month.<

it scares me to be aware of my own vulnerability and i wonder if this weakness is worth living with for the sake of a fading horizon. fear is like an icy chill that slides all too slowly down the length of my spine and leaves me shivering like a bare branch caught too early in winter. and as i tremble if you listen closely you can hear the rattling of my brittle bones inside my skin stretched too tightly around the frame.

i think bitterness made its home there long ago and has been caressing the expanse of my veins but sometimes it wants too much to escape and so i carefully crack open a window in my wrist to let it go free. and sometimes hope dies and its heavy carcass rests on top of my thin lungs and makes it harder to breathe and i think maybe that’s what we call heartache.

>my soul has surprisingly happy corners i’ve discovered. small smiles count for life.<