28/31: enigmatic illness & incomprehensible empathy

by aboynamedsuicide

they don’t understand what is wrong with the chemicals in my brain so they try to fit it into a dimension they can wrap their black and white minds around (although it’s always taught that brain matter is grey so why is it so impossible to see the issue as grey instead of wrong or right). conditioned to ostracize the unknown, to reject the lunatic, they brand us as crazy and dangerous because they’re something just not right about having a disease of the mind instead of a disease of the body. they can love a boy with leukemia but they don’t consider it inhumane to lock up a boy with schizophrenia, send him from hospital to rehab program to therapy to prison. they’d rather not deal with what they think is crazy (and by crazy, all they mean is “not like themselves”) so they label us as the insane.

why is something so different so dumbfounding to people who can see the galaxies and stars through a glass lens and is it really that improbable to consider that molecules in a mind could be rearranged like the planets in the sky. and if the preacher would give him a chance i’m sure god himself would scream out, that there’s no shame in being sick in the head and it’s nonsensical to prefer a deficient limb instead. even the son of god had to wrestle with the demons and spill his own blood.

all we ask for is a chance for love. at least give us that.